Dec 2011

2011 has been quite a year. First, thank you all for coming out and supporting our music! And I’m so honored to have been Grammy® nominated for the 4th time! “Round Midnight” is nominated for “Best Jazz Vocal Album” The big event happens in February. We’ll keep you posted! We left off last August. We […]


Aug 2011

Hello all! Thank you for checking in. We’ve had quite the last few months filled with lots of travel and great gigs! Thanks for coming out to see and hear us! We start this issue of Roadwords way back in February, in Brookefield Wisconsin at the Sharon Lynn Performing Arts Center. These great people really […]


June 2010

First of all, it’s been quite the few months with many small triumphs and several challenges. More below on all of that, but I want to THANK YOU for helping make what we do worthwhile. I have received so much good feedback and by YOU showing up to our performances and giving us the great […]


Dec 2010

Our Denver Festival gig was the gig that ‘almost wasn’t’ … as there was big weather – tornadoes and lots of rain. Our bassist and drummer, Larry Kohut and Eric Montzka had to divert into Colorado Springs and rent a car to get there. Then the gig was at a very cool (OUT DOOR!) venue […]


April 2010

Hello and Happy Spring! What a winter it was. . . I know we are all ready for this beautiful change. I got lucky and was able to escape it for a little while by going to Honolulu and playing at the Academy of Arts. The music was lovely with Jim Howard on flute and […]


Dec 2009

The end of the summer seemed like it would be less busy, but it wasn’t – mostly with good things. July 27 – Had a birthday party in NYC 🙂 and many good friends showed up. It was a blast! South Pacific – saw and heard our friend Loretta Ables who plays “Bloody Mary” – […]


Aug 2009

After our European tour it was good to get some time off in NYC and Massachusetts while back. It didn’t last long! I was a part of Marian McPartland’s 30th anniversary of Piano Jazz at Dizzy’s. Lots of wonderful jazz luminaries were there to perform and what a treat to hear them all. Marian and […]


April 2009

Hello and thank you for checking in. At the start of the year I was summoned for jury duty here in NYC, something I could no longer put off. It lasted for two weeks! It was really very interesting and I enjoyed my fellow jurors. Then, the inauguration of President Obama!! A friend kindly invited […]


Dec 2008

Last I wrote it was just before our trip to Brazil in September. We started out at the new Mistura Fina in Rio. One of our hosts and friends (Christian) met us and took us to a wonderful Chorascaria restaurant where we ate way too much delicious food! Mistura Fina is now situated right on […]


Sept 2008

The Dakota Bar and Grill in Minneapolis is always like going home to me. My Mom and sister live there, as well as many friends and I spent several good, formative years in the Twin Cities. Steve Nelson, Rod and Larry Kohut joined us along with drummer Phil Hey. Next was Springfield, Missouri at the […]


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