January was full of surprises. I’m very proud and honored that BALLADS has been nominated for two Grammy’s. It’s interesting that – (at least it seems) folks tend to think of this one project (BALLADS: Remembering John Coltrane) as being ‘the successful thing.’ I was just thinking today that for me, I’m very happy (and just plain lucky!) when a project ‘works.’ Even our most heartfelt projects don’t always come across the way we want them to or think they should.

We do so many things day to day, small and not so small, that add to our creative process and lives. These are all important for THE PROCESS, although it doesn’t always show itself in visible ways. So, even though I’m very proud and thrilled about BALLADS receiving these nominations, it’s more of a recognition of many years of hard work – not just for this project. I’m also very glad for the people who have supported me, my musicians and music for so long. I think it must feel good to them (and you) too! A little verification – but that should start from within of course, right? I’m proud of all seven CD’s in so many ways, and of course would change things here and there if I could. But you gotta let go somewhere! So, those are my thoughts on that for the moment.

Had a good turn out for the IAJE clinic – “Singers Are Musicians Too.” I enjoyed that and seeing many buddies I don’t get to see too often. So much talent out there! Our gig at Steamer’s was as fun as ever, great place. There were Joey DeFrancesco and Joe Pesce in the crowd – Joey sat in and wailed! Danny, Joe LaBarbera and Tom Warrington were as swingin as ever. Then off to Hawaii at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts. Great turn out there, and always great to be back in Hawaii – such a very special place.

A lot is in the works – getting ready for the new project and to Rochester, NY – never been there. Looking forward to playing with Clay Jenkins, Mark Helias and Danny) then to William Paterson University with James Williams, Danny and Mark Helias. Then back to LA at Catalina’s Bar and Grill for the week with Danny, Tom Warrington, Joe LaBarbera and special weekend guests; pianist Bill Cunliffe on Friday and the wonderful Bob Sheppard on Saturday. Then I am attending the Grammy’s with my Mom and sisters. LA will never be the same! 🙂 All the best to you and yours, and THANK YOU for listening.