Dear Friends,
Last I wrote was in April… this was the beginning of the release of “Some Of That Sunshine” project, so it’s been busy. I know some people sometimes 
wonder “what does a musician do during the DAY?” Ha! A loaded question, a whole lot goes into arranging biz & logistics for one… Prep and recovery from the road
Then there’s our own personal lives and families and friends – I’m always trying to hook up with them in my travels. First off, we did (and still are) doing really well in jazz radio, staying in the top-ten for over 12 weeks. I want to thank the wonderful DJ’s and stations who have been so supportive of our music and having us in for interviews & live performances to help spread the word.
Also I don’t say this often enough, thanks to the presenters who’ve had us perform in their venues… this is a challenging life and kudos go out to those who work so hard to get & keep this music out there— Thank you! 
Starting in Philly – a sweet club called “South” … I love Philly audiences! And back to our NYC home Birdland for a week— with most of my band on the CD; Miro, Jeff and Jerome—  always a great time. 
Moving into May, I did a masterclass in Northampton MA – loved working with the students (many already pros!) and performance the next evening alongside the Pioneer Valley Jazz Voices – we did an arrangement of “Some of That Sunshine” together (fun!) then our band performed… The Green Mill in Chicago for our ‘annual’ – always spirited in that room. 
Meanwhile, while in my home ‘for a minute’ in MA … a tree fell on my house! Luckily it turned out ok and I had a great team of hard working people on the case… what a trip that was!  Also I have to say as a birder— it was a banner Spring for the wood thrushes — so beautiful. 
There’s a great jazz camp in Woodstock VT called “Interplay” … that’s actually where I first met and heard my pianist Miro Sprague— this time around, Miro and I along with other faculty did a couple cool workshops around band leading, and creative decision making. I highly suggest this camp. 
Did a sweet duo performance in Minneapolis with the extremely talented Lori Dokken— then onto Racine Wisconsin at the zoo— before the show, they kindly took us to see (and feed) the rhinos and giraffes… how cool is that? I think we have vids on facebook … 
Onto Boston/ Scullers- another happy mainstay for us… and thanks to WICN Radio. 
Then WBGO in NJ for an in-studio session (thanks Micheal Bourne!) and we played the sweet upper west side club “Smoke” for the weekend. 
When I can, it’s important for me to be a part of good things having to do with the environment… so, my good friend Susan and I went to the Climate March here in NYC. 
As an aside, when I’m on the road it’s hard to be ‘green’ ! But I try— just ask my road-mates. 
Went to a fun family wedding among the redwoods in Santa Cruz CA— so beautiful! You’d think I’d stay in CA for our LA gig, but my recent ‘joke’ is that my tour schedule resembles the star of David! (‘zigging’ and a-zaggin’)  So, back to NYC and THEN back to Hollywood at another happy mainstay— Catalina’s. 
We had a lovely trio; Miro, Dave Robaire and drummer Christian Euman. After our 2nd night, Christian was hit by a car (in a cross walk) and is thankfully FINE except his wrist was broken. Awful news for anyone, especially a drummer… he’s almost healed. We scrambled to find another drummer for that last eve — Dan Schnelle came to the rescue and did great. Also the great Joe La Barbera stopped in and sat in 🙂 
Back in NYC I was happy to be a guest on wonderful CA pianist’s Dave Bass’ new record— it also includes the fab saxophonist Ted Nash and bassist Carlos Enriquez. 
Onto Omaha – my old stomping grounds… we (Miro, Rod, Gerald and Eric Montzka) played a cool venue Ralston Arena – in the Side Room— right next to us was a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band — kind of fun really. We broke out into “Stairway to Heaven” 🙂 .. great to see old friends there. Also got to have a bit of a reunion with my 
band “Tomboy” the next night — Therese, Teri, Stacey — and our manager/ musician Jeff Morris — it was a blast. 
Onto the Dakota in Mpls — always a fave (thanks to KBEM Radio)  then to Sacramento, early TV show next morning, onto Half Moon Bay (great venue; Bach, Dancing & Dynamite), onto .. Kaumbwa/ Santa Cruz, onto Phoenix at the FAB “MIM” — go visit that museum and attend a show in the theatre— you will not be disappointed !  
It was also a great lift for Miro and Jeff & I  to play with the wonderful Lewis Nash on drums there too. 
Another endless travel day to Rochester NY — thanks to our hosts Jose and Mel there for a very fun time @ Anthology (with another early TV appearance and big thanks tp 90.1 Radio! ) 
Piling into a mini-van our band there (Miro, Marty and Jon Fisher) drove back to Northampton MA for our show that eve—
Where does the tour lead then? Why, Seattle WA of course! Jazz Alley — love that club. Thanks to KNKX folks for always inviting us for in-studio performance & to their sponsors (I think there’s video out there ) 
Back to NYC for a few days to do laundry 🙂 & sleep in my own bed… 
Then onto Mexico— !My friend Beth and I took a few days to go to the coast first… to Akumal (thank you Susan and Shelly) then onto the beautiful San Miguel de Allende … 
It was a pleasure to play with bassist and musical director Antonio and the band. 
Onto Denver — at Dazzle… they’ve moved and I wish them the best! Thanks to a great audience there that eve too. and to KUVO Radio.
Back to NYC and played in Ridgefield CT just the other night with Marty and pianist Pete Malinverni… thanks to our hosts Ken and Marcia. 
It was an epic tour and I’m happy to be slowing down for a couple months. 
Next stop will be Chicago’s “Winters” club in December – then back to NOHO and in February HAWAII ! 
Thanks for reading… I tried not to miss anyone… but sorry if I did – 
I hope to see you out there!