We’re touring now for our latest CD:

Ballads – Remembering John Coltrane.

A first for me was a Jazz Cruise on the QE2’s Floating Jazz Festival. Amazing to go from about West 42nd Street all the way to South Hampton (England)! We (Danny Embrey, Danny Embrey and Todd Strait) were honored to be in such musical company as: Etta Jones and Houston Person (so swingin’), Tommy Flanagan (who sat in with us – what a thrill), Annie Ross (a delight), Cleo Laine and John Dankworth (she sang Peel Me a Grape like no other), Gary Burton (who brought the young INCREDIBLE Berkley All-Stars), Ted Rosenthal, Gene Burtoncini and Adam …? who serenaded everyone til the wee hours. Singing with Gene & Ted was great. Jay Leonhart, Monty Alexander, Bud Shank, Joe LaBarbera … great fun.

Then onto the Topeka Kansas Jazz Festival (from England to the stage in just over 24 hours – we do get around) Lots of great folks there too. Had a great gig in ‘my hometown’ – Kansas City – at the Blue Room @ 18th and Vine – – a magical night with Laura Caviani, Bob, Todd & Rod Fleeman – Danny too. Packed house and so much fun to be back there for a minute. Thank you to any and all who came that night.

Now onto LA @ Catalina’s for a week with Danny, Tom Warrington and Joe LaBarbera – and special guest this weekend, Bob Sheppard. It’ll be a challenge to keep up but I’ll do my best. 🙂 That’s what it’s all about anyway. I love to work with all these different players – it brings different things out in my music and helps me grow. I believe that Jazz attracts a very high quality of people, both the players and the folks who listen.

Til next time …