The QE2 was a great experience. What a ship! This time it went from NYC (after having people on board from SouthHampton England) to Bermuda to Newport, Rhode Island and back to NYC. I actually prefer to be out on the open sea longer, rather than stopping here and there. Being remote (and unreachable) is a LUXURY!!! But Bermuda was really beautiful. A few of us rented a small ‘boat’ (if you could call it that!) and went to a snorkeling area – really pretty.

Enjoyed meeting some folks on the QE2. Diane Schuur was on with a big band. Very good to meet her. I’ll be singing a tune with her on her next CD (recording end of October) which I’m excited about. Heard Jon Hendrick’s group and dug that. He’s one of the best jazz lyricists EVER! And still writing and creating with his ‘Vocalestra’. Our group (Danny, Paul, Bob and Todd) played many of his tunes during our sets in his honor. Also enjoyed Venessa Rubin’s group.

Then onto Sedona Jazz on the Rocks – beautiful place! We had to get there in a big hurry to be on Good Morning Arizona TV show so it was tiring, plus I got food poisoning in the airport, so it wasn’t much fun. The gig went very well, especially since it rained on us and the crowd, but everyone hung in there and it was worth it. Heard Terrence Blanchard’s band and they sounded wonderful.

Went on a great hike the next day with a dear friend. Now back to NYC and getting ready for a week at the Blue Note – I’ll actually be working at HOME for a whole week! It’ll be good to play with James Williams again along with Danny, Bob and Todd. All the best to you and yours and thank you for checking in.