We returned from Turkey about a week ago, and as I start to write this, I’m already half-way across the world (Hawaii) en route to New Zealand, indeed a peripatetic life. Travel can be very grueling but as some wise soul once said “they pay us for the travel, the music is a BONUS” I would also add that the PEOPLE are the bonus too… along the way, we meet kind souls who help out where they should (doing their jobs and beyond) and others who barely extend a courtesy (also supposedly doing their jobs) This is life! But the audiences have been wonderful— thank you!!

Last I wrote was in April. We loved playing at the Greene Space with gracious host Jonathan Schwartz… the audience was lovely and we got many good videos you can check out (here— add link) from that evening, with Miro Sprague, Steve Cardenas, Ed Howard and special guest cellist David Heiss.

The following week was Birdland! Always fun. My band included Miro, Ed, Rod and Adam Cruz— audiences were great and of course we love the Birdland family.

Onto Boston/ Scullers, where Miro, bassist Dave Picchi and Mark Walker joined us for a great night in that sweet club. Then, to a relatively new place (to me);
The Side Doorin Old Lyme CT is a great new venue — very intimate, sold out and lovely. Thanks to Jan and the wonderful audience there.

The following afternoon I played with pianist Pete Malinverni and bassist Rusty for Pete’s very cool Jazz Vespers service, including wonderful poetry by the pastor… Music and ‘food’ for thought!

Onto Omaha at my Alma Mater; University of Nebraska at Omaha… big thanks to Pete Madsen for hosting us, and to Barry, Derek and Bill McG for beautiful orchestra and big band arrangements of Many a New Day project. The students were wonderful to work with (thanks go out to Rod too!) and we look forward to more projects with UNO
(in November for example) Thank you to Ardi too!

Onto Chicago at the soulful ‘joint’ (in the best sense of that word) The Green Mill— always fun to play there, Bob Bowman and Rod joined us from Kansas City (so great to play with Bob again) and Chicago drummer Eric Montzka… it was a groove and big thanks to Dave Jemilo and Chris at the Mill. Also to the great crowd (including folks from the WFMT Beethoven tour!!)
Our much anticipated trek to Turkey was up next…. Once we GOT there, all was well (but travel was challenging with flights, layovers, lost luggage…)

In the capital of Ankara, we stayed ‘in town’ so, didn’t get to see too much of the area— though it was very hilly and weather was lovely. In Mersin, we drove from a certain point, so got to see a little and our hotel was right on the water— so that was nice. Also ate wonderful food!

We loved our hosts in both Festivals — there are vids up you can check out here (give link) Guitarist Brian Seeger, Ed Howard and Mark Walker were troopers and we loved the people there! I look forward to the next time. Also, an un-anticipated night in Paris due to missed flight so, we got to see our friend Karina— making the best of an unfortunate situation!
Back to NY to rest up a few days for the next journey… New Zealand !! (luckily, via Hawaii to hang with my sister) More on that soon….

I had never been to New Zealand before, but had been told so much about it—mostly by LA bassist and friend Tom Warrington who loved it so much he moved there!

He’d talked a lot about the beauty, the people, and the relaxed ‘vibe’ there, and it was exactly that… what a great place! Our excellent host and presenter Rodger Fox put together a lovely tour for us (Tom, Larry Koonse, Joe La Barbera- one of my favorite trios)

We started in Aukland playing a intimate club, then onto the larger venues in Christ Church (the South Island – and only time we were on that island) then back up to Palmerston North (or “Palmy” as the locals say ) then to Napier ( a sweet, coastal town) then to Wellington (very much like San Francisco in it’s look and feel) and flew back out of Aukland…. we taught masterclasses along the way (we enjoyed the students a lot ) and also played the last concert with Rodger’s big band which was much fun— the crowds were enthusiastic and lovely ! (check out our reviews and pics from there)
We drove in between Palmy, Wellington and Napier etc which gives one a much better view of the beauty—(big thanks to our tour manager David Stone!)

A couple other highlights were an oyster feast at Erna’s place (Rodger cooking 🙂 and lovely dinner at Tom & Roxy’s outside of Wellington—— beautiful !!

Back in Hawaii now, enjoying my ‘stop off” with sister Tracy— and then to the Mainland on thursday— where we have concerts in East Lansing MI, then Saratoga Springs,and East Meredith NY…

Thank you for checking in, hope you have a great summer and that I see you out there soon.