Greetings and thank you for checking in.
Last I wrote it was Sep of ’16…

A new wonderful friend, Jolene Dalton asked us to come to her school in Port Angeles WA before our Jazz Alley run… we had a great time working with her students and fun concert —What a beautiful part of the country!

One of my favorite ‘annual’ homes— Seattle’s Jazz Alley, always fun. With Miro, Jeff and Todd — and a wonderful audience nightly. Also enjoyed a night with the new
KNKX Jazz Station (formerly KPLU) … a great success story for them that I’m happy to be a small part of.

In East Hampton MA (East Works venue my good friend Carol Smith runs) I stopped in and sang for our good friend & drummer Claire Arenius’ benefit concert .. she lost her dear husband Bob suddenly. That community is blessed with talented and big-hearted people which I’m also happy to be a small part of.

Onto Falmouth MA — during a stormy weekend which only added to the mystery of that beautiful coast line… And thank you to our hosts there who put on a very cool series in that venue. I struggled a bit with a cold but audience was great.

In the beautiful Berkshires- Pittsfield MA, I got to sing with the US Army Big Band- wonderful players, along with my band Miro, Wayne Moose and Mark Walker. Big thanks go out to our hosts there too for a wonderful series.

Went to hear our friend & singer Jill Connelly at Mt Greylock— for a last ‘seasonal’ supper club concert there- with other friends Carol Smith and Barb Ween (of the Valley Divas) …. had a quick hike around there (it was cold !) and enjoyed that amazing trip there and the view.

Onto the great west! To Montana in Kalispell and Whitefish… gorgeous country!! Lovely concerts in both places, and met wonderful new friends. Thanks to our gracious hosts there (John and Mariam Simpson) Great to play with Bob Bowman and Miro.

I hosted a vocal masterclass in Pioneer Valley— about 13 lovely singers — we look forward to doing that again.

Then to Fryeburg Maine… Got to work with the students at the Academy there— met wonderful new friends and faculty members too… Mimi Rohlfing and Mike Sakash, pianist Thomas Snow— thank you to all !!

The election … caught us all by surprise— I am continuing to write and sing songs that give me (and hopefully my listeners) hope and love… We don’t all agree on how to ‘get there’ but I think we can all agree we need these things— and Mother Nature. And of course, our sense of humor is a necessity.

Heading back to the West Coast… We played the very cool Half Moon Bay “Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society” — Pete’s legacy lives on through his lovely daughter Barbara. We always love going to Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz, a great staff of people and always a lovely crowd.

Back to the Midwest, at UNO (my alma mater) Miro and I played with the wonderful UNO big band— thanks to Pete Madsen for always hosting a pro event!!

Then to the amazing “MIM” Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix AZ— if you haven’t visited, you must! And the lovely theatre inside is a little gem. Thank you Lowell !

Onto Hutchinson KS at the Historic FOX Theatre— my grandparents used to live in Hutchinson and I visited many times as a kid.. It was lovely to go back and we thank our host there Josh Davis. Driving through the Flinthills of KS is very beautiful.

Kansas City!! Another of my very favorite old stompin’ grounds — the Folly Theatre is an honor to play. I played all over that city back in ‘the day’ and the Folly was always a
fantasy for me then. I’m happy to say it’s been a reality for years now — thank you to Gale Tallis for inviting us. What a band; Miro, Rod, Todd, Bob and Gerald— great fun.

Onto Kalamazoo—we had a lovely holiday concert with our new friends Tom Evans (director of the Concert Band there) — and the wonderful local trio with Rod.

Big thanks to them— and the snow did not disappoint ! Flights were…. interesting.

BIRDLAND NYC!! Great band; Miro, Steve Cardenas, Ed and Adam Cruz. Great crowds and thanks to the staff there— they are terrific.

Back to Pioneer Valley in Northampton MA— got to play with Greene St Trio at their Tuesday night Jazz Night— so much fun.

As I write today— we have one set to do at Birdland tonight (in conjunction with the music conference APAP) then… onto Denver Colorado (Dazzle night club) and to Colorado Springs for the Music Educators President’s concert. I’m looking forward to being in both places.
Then to two new Blue Notes— in NAPA CA and Honolulu. Excellent to go there to escape a bit of East Coast winter…

I wish you all and this whole planet of ours a peaceful and joyous New Year— with all it’s challenges.

Thank you for your support of our music.