The B&K Cafe is going strong and besides our stalwart a few other stations have added: Sonora CA, Prairie Public Radio, St. Louis & Interlochen – thank you to all of them!

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The B&K Cafe airs monthly on WWFM The Classical Network. Central NJ & Eastern PA can listen at 89.1 FM, and anyone can listen anywhere anytime at
    B&K Cafe There have been many daring duos in the world — Now add to that list Bill McGlaughlin and Karrin Allyson! Together and apart, they’ve traveled and performed all over the world… met and worked with many of the greatest musicians on the planet and love to talk about Music and Life.The B&K Cafe is just that, but now on the radio with you joining the duo over coffee. Bill is (mostly) a classical musician, who served as a trombonist with the the Philadelphia Orchestra and Pittsburgh Symphony, then turned to conducting with a variety of orchestras, from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to the Kansas City Symphony. Along the way, he added broadcasting and has served as host of the Peabody Award winning St. Paul Sunday and of Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin from WFMT in Chicago, a post he has held since 2003. In addition his work as a composer has been heard widely, around the US and as far as the Royal Philharmonic in London.
  • Karrin is an internationally acclaimed singer, pianist, composer, teacher, and bandleader with 15 CD’s and 5 Grammy Nominations. She is noted for her warm and exciting sound, and large breadth of repertoire, which embraces The Great American Songbook, Brazilian Bossa Nova, French Chansons, the great classic composers, as well as writing her own songs which are featured on “Some of That Sunshine” … Most recently Karrin headlined “Shoulder to Shoulder; Centennial Tribute to Women’s Suffrage” featuring songs of the Suffragist Era and two of her originals.
B&K Cafe – Episode #11 – Voices of Spring (airdate March 19, 2021)
MAR 19, 2021
Hosts Bill McGlaughlin & Karrin Allyson welcome warmth and the blooming of nature through music for Spring!
B&K Cafe – Episode #10 – Valentine’s Special (airdate February 12, 2021)
FEB 12, 2021
Love is on the air and in the music as Karrin & Bill celebrate with a special Valentine’s Day Episode.
B&K Cafe – Episode #9 – Dawn & Rebirth of a New Year (airdate January 15, 2021)
JAN 15, 2021
Karrin & Bill look for that much needed hope was we pass into 2021 with music by Handel, The Beatles and Sam Cooke.
B&K Cafe – Episode #8 – Holiday Special (airdate December 18, 2020)
DEC 18, 2020
Join our favorite quaratined couple for a delightful and musically wide ranging holiday special.
B&K Cafe – Episode #7- Where’d You Get That (airdate November 20, 2020)
NOV 20, 2020
Posing a question asked of many-a composer…’where’d ya get that tune?”…this episode features music of Haydn, Brahms, Rachmaninov as well as Antonio Carlos Jobim & Thelonius Monk.
B&K Cafe – Episode #6- The Big Apple Part 2 (airdate October 16, 2020)
OCT 16, 2020
This episode features the great classical pianist Charles Rosen, Karrin Allyson singing blues, jazz & popular greats and a work by Bill McGlaughlin setting text of Walt Whitman.
B&K Cafe – Episode #5- The Big Apple (airdate September 18, 2020)
SEP 18, 2020
B&K Cafe – Episode #3 & #4- Birdlandia #1 & #2 (airdate August 14, 2020)
AUG 14, 2020
B&K Cafe – Episode #2 (airdate July 17, 2020)
JUL 17, 2020
B&K Cafe – Episode #1 (airdate July 17, 2020)
JUL 17, 2020
The Starry Messenger Part 2
Bill McGlaughlin
February 18, 2023
Bill & Karrin steal a line from Galileo Galilei and present the second of two programs.
The Starry Messenger Part 1
Bill McGlaughlin
January 21, 2023
Bill & Karrin steal a line from Galileo Galilei and present the first of two programs that take us – musically- in the vastness of space and the night sky.
Tripping the Light Fantastic II
October 22, 2022
Hosts Bill McGlaughlin & Karrin Allyson continue taking us on the lighter side of classical & jazz.
Cheek to Cheek
August 26, 2022
Bill McGlaughlin & Karrin Allyson wrap up their Summer Dance series by getting as close to your dancing partner as possible with ‘Cheek to Cheek!
And the Band Played On
July 18, 2022
Bill McGlaughlin & Karrin Allyson continue their Summer Dance series with the second volume “And the Band Played On”…see you at the bandstand!
B&K Care
The Classical Network in Concert
B&K Cafe Prime Time – Friday Night at 8 pm
July 6, 2022
This Friday night (7/8), enjoy two hours of B&K Cafe featuring hosts Bill McGlaughlin and Karrin Allyson.
Shall We Dance
June 18, 2022
Grab the dance card and your partner and hit the floor as Karrin & Bill present the first episode in a summer-ling series titled ‘Shall We Dance’.
Dona Nobis Pacem Part II
May 20, 2022
Karrin & Bill present a second episode of music that hopes for and grants us, musically, that elusive peace.
La Mer- Part 2
March 22, 2022
Episode #19- Air Date: March 18, 2022