The last time I wrote was in early September. A lot has transpired since then. Let’s hope Peace will soon be with us all.

We recently played another lovely place & festival – Sedona, AZ’s Jazz on the Rocks. What a very special place! We played ‘the brunch’ to a very enthusiastic sold-out crowd. Also got to take a few hikes in that beautiful area. I recommend that as well!

Edmunton was lovely. The “Yardbird Suite” is a club soley owned and run (very well) by the Edmunton Jazz Society – ALL VOLUNTEERS! And it WORKS – first I’ve ever seen that. We played in honor of Coltrane’s 75th birthday to wonderful crowds there and we look forward to going back.

Just got done with a very fun time in DC. Blues Alley is a wonderful, intimate, funky club (the way a jazz club should be!) Then on to Philadelphia’s Zanzibar Blue – a beautiful supper club. A pleasure and honor to be both places and look forward to going back. Great crowds – thankyou for coming (if you did) and if you didn’t – WHERE WERE YOU… 🙂

Be safe and happy – until next time……