Looks like I haven’t written anything since the Spring! Time does fly . . .In April, we had a great gig at the fabled Green Mill in Chicago – great crowds and the band was swingin’ (Rod Fleeeman, Larry Kohut and Eric Montzka!). As always, thanks to Dave Jemilo.

On to Vancouver, BC for me to sing with 2 very different groups: the big band, and “Nite Cap.”  Wonderful arrangements and fun for me to mix it up with those fine young musicians. Thanks to Fiona Black, my hostess who made it all work!

The next amazing place was New Harmony Indiana. Who knew? So many ‘hidden jewels’ in this biz! Thank you to the Mumford’s for inviting us and making it all happen. What a special place! Even with all the flight difficulties (!), we made it work. Also thanks to Rod and Jeff.

Wilmington, NC was next with Rod, Ed, Todd and the University of North Carolina big band. We had a grand concert and time there. Dining outdoors, beside the theatre was a highlight! (And what about that Pawn Shop?!)

Then, Rod Fleeman and I embarked on a longer trip to Beirut, Lebanon! We played a private affair. It was a wedding for a beautiful couple, Fouad & Shirine. Also, hearing THEM play and sing was a highlight for us all!! Congratulations to them!

In May, I was asked to be a guest with the great pianist Eldar at the Blue Note in New York along with his wonderful trio. We played some cool material together including one of Eldar’s originals. We hope to hear THAT on recording someday soon!

Off to Jacksonville Florida for their great festival. Rod, Ed, Todd and I had a fun set with a lovely crowd. A highlight also was hearing the great Sonny Rollins a little later in the evening. Wow!

Then was our week at Birdland in June. It’s always a pleasure to work there. Thank you to all those who came out and made it such a great week including also to my swingin’ band: Bruce Barth, Todd Strait, Ed Howard and Steve Wilson!

Next were a couple other great festivals: first, the Rochester International Jazz Festival; then, Toronto Jazz Festival. More flight trouble for Rod! As Jeff Johnson and I were finishing the last tune (“Well You Needn’t” how apropos!!) The audience stood up and applauded for Rod as he walked on stage. His flight FINALLY made it, but alas, his luggage did not. Jeff and I had a lovely duet for over an hour, and were we ever glad to see Rod!

I stopped with Rod and Bill McG in Montreal for a night. What a beautiful city! We drove back through Vermont and saw the Vermont Public Radio folks; and into Massachusetts for our sweet little gig at the Whately Chapel, another hidden jewel!

Next, the Interplay Jazz Camp where the faculty rocks! And the students are the BEST! I highly recommend this Jazz Camp in June of 2013. Think about it!!

So, now I’m on an actual vacation until August 16. I’m in Mexico, near CanCun to stay with great friends snorkeling and watching the surf. Lucky me!

But meanwhile, we can all do rain dances for much of this country. Come on rain!

Have a great rest of the summer and I look forward to our Northwest and beyond visits in August.
Thanks for your support of the music!!!