Hello and Happy Spring!

What a winter it was. . . I know we are all ready for this beautiful change.

I got lucky and was able to escape it for a little while by going to Honolulu and playing at the Academy of Arts. The music was lovely with Jim Howard on flute and piano too. The rest of the group included Bruce Hamada on bass, Rod Fleeman and myself. We love playing with those wonderful players.

While there I got to do some wonderful hikes and saw lots of whales and sea turtles. Kayaking – what can one say about Hawaii? And seeing my sister and niece is the big draw.

Back in New York (NYC) we heard some great music: Joe Locke with Kenny Washington, and his great band, complete with a full moon rising as the band started that night.

In February, I sang with the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra. I am enjoying singing with big bands more and more. I also, did a Masterclass with students there and they were inspiring.

More weather related stuff – we played in Lewisburg, PA at Bucknell University in their wonderful series. It was just before one of the biggest blizzards of the winter. We all left immediately after the gig and barely got out in time. Too bad because it’s such a sweet little town!

Then, on Valentines Day in NYC, Bob Albanese invited me to sing with his band at Bemelman’s Bar at the Carlylse Hotel. It was a lively evening! People seemed ready to party and the band happily accommodated.
I had never been inside the Dakota in NYC, so I jumped at the chance to attend a classical “house concert.” Beautiful!

Next was in Toronto for their series at the Old Mill for a great crowd in a wonderful venue. Then I headed for Los Angeles (LA) to attend a family wedding. While there I also met with Concord about our next project. We hope to record in the summer and release that album in the Spring of 2011. We’ll be trying new material out on all the upcoming concerts.

LA had a lot of rain and it was wonderful to see the mountains and hills so green for a change! I was invited to participate in a fund raiser for Doctor’s without Borders: “Ladies Got Chops” at a sweet Brooklyn arts center (“Clovers”). It was good to be a part of a great cause with lovely players.

While I was home I went to Birdland to hear one of our favorite drummers, Lewis Nash (who will be with me at Birdland in May). He’s a great band leader and had Tom Harrell, Renee Rosnes, Peter Washington, and Javon Jackson that night. Wonderful music!

Lots of gig dates are coming in, almost daily. So keep an eye out and check my web site schedule frequently. We hope to be in YOUR area soon.

Coming up, we’re looking forward to Kansas City; Lincolnshire, Ill; Oceanside, CA; and the Women in Jazz Festival in NYC at St Peter’s (with Gene Bertoncini!) and on to Asheville, NC.

Then we go back to LA where we will be at Catalina’s in May. Next is more NYC dates including Birdland and our Bryant Park concert as a guest of Bill McGlaughlin. Soon following is my own new little series in the Pioneer Valley, North Hampton, MA.

Remember to check the Tour Dates on the web site. We are adding lots of dates!

Happy Spring!