Karrin Allyson by Lee Everett

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All studio photos © Jim O’Keefe / jpophotovideo.com

Live photo ©Lee Everett

Live photo ©Philip Friedman

Stylist: Vanessa Campan Thornburg

Hair/Makeup Omar Rodriguez

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by Scott Yanow

            Because she has been so consistent ever since her first recording in 1993, it is easy to take Karrin Allyson’s talents as a jazz singer for granted. 30 years later, she is still one of the very best on the scene, displaying a warm voice, the ability to sing credibly in several languages, scatting with the best, and also offering touching interpretations of ballads.

            At Catalina Bar & Grill, Ms. Alyson was joined by the brilliant pianist Miro Sprague, the underrated but skilled bassist Bob Bowman, and drummer Dan Schnelle. The wide-ranging repertoire included the 1950s bop classic “Social Call,” “Blackbird” (strange how this has become the #1 Beatles song interpreted by jazz artists), some Jobim, Mose Allison’s “Stop This World,” a heartbreaking version of Irving Berlin’s “What’ll I Do,” the funky and philosophical “Way Down Low,” the joyful “Grab Up Some Of That Sunshine,” a vocal-bass duet with Bowman on “If I Should Lose You,” and an adventurous rendition of “Moanin’,”

            Allyson, who always pays attention to giving listeners a variety of tempos, moods, styles, and emotions, was heard throughout the night in prime form. In addition, her rhythm section was alert, intuitive and added a great deal to her music. See Karrin Allyson whenever you want to experience the music of a jazz master.



By Karrin Allyson Sextet

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Willard Jenkins piece on Shoulder to Shoulder
The piece is posted here in the Independent Ear:  https://www.openskyjazz.com/2021/03/karrin-allyson-g…lder-to-shoulder/ ‎


Review by Rob Lester from TalkinBroadway.com

Female focus // Shoulder to Shoulder:

Karrin Allyson’s distinctive voice, without calling attention to itself, stands out among high voltage company, also redolent with a recognizable determined attitude that is an engine for this unique undertaking. A nod to rap done by the female performer known as Rapsody adds another modern spin to the wrap-up of the Allyson original “Big Discount” that slyly references the gender wage gap. This centennial consciousness-raiser gets my enthusiastic “yes” vote.”

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Review by George W. Harris from Jazzweekly.com

IT GETS MY VOTE…Karrin Allyson Sextet: Shoulder To Shoulder

“While many of the songs are reflective of the ragtime era of the social change, the team of Ingrid Jensen/tp, Mindi Abair/as, Helen Sung/p, Endea Owens/b, Allison Miller/dr and guests like Kait Dunton/org are able to mix strings to hip jazz as on the thriving “Columbia’s Daughters” with Allyson in rich tone and delivery. Vaudevillian pre-jazz supports Veronica Swift on “Anti Suffrage Rose” while modal and free spirited modern grooves pulsate across on “I’ll Be No Submissive Wife.” Readings of anti-voting petitions by Kurt Elling or pro-suffrage Frederick Douglas by Belafonte put the movement in perspective, while Lalah Hathaway’s “Sojourner Truth” speech  and Rosanne Cash’s reflections by Susan B. Anthony being quite poignant.”

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