2011 has been quite a year. First, thank you all for coming out and supporting our music! And I’m so honored to have been Grammy® nominated for the 4th time! “Round Midnight” is nominated for “Best Jazz Vocal Album” The big event happens in February. We’ll keep you posted!

We left off last August. We were invited to play for the Aspen Jazz Festival. Needless to say, since I’m a hiker, I was able to take some time during that trip to hike around that amazing area. And it was a lovely crowd to play for too. Along with me were Rod, drummer Jill Frederickson and bassist Ian Hutchinson. Fun!

After that we were off to Seattle’s Jazz Alley. It’s a longtime favorite and this time was no exception. Along with Rod, Jeff Johnson and Mark Ivestor we enjoyed great crowds, friends and the staff at Jazz Alley. It was a wonderful week. It’s always a pleasure to see our friends at KPLU while in this area. We often do a live in-studio session with guests. Thank you Dick Stein and KPLU folks!

So on August 23rd, I’m sitting there on the lower east side of Manhattan getting my hair cut. Suddenly the things around us start moving and shaking. I grabbed John’s arm. Not a good idea when he’s holding scissors! I said, “Did you feel that? That felt almost like . . . an earthquake!” I remember feeling a couple of these while in California and Japan. You never forget ‘that feeling’ although at first we thought “Construction!” (It IS NYC after all!) As we all know now, that’s exactly what it was, an earthquake.

Then, a few days later came Hurricane Irene. With a few days off in late summer we had headed to the Jersey Shore to see family. Bad timing! We were all evacuated the day after we got there. It was quite scary. (I had posted a few pictures on facebook of the eerie, deserted area just before the storms.) Luckily for that area, Irene didn’t do much damage. In so many other areas in the northeast they are still dealing with it. Our hearts go out to them.

In September we went to Yakima, WA, a sweet city in the center of Washington state. The “Seasons Series” that Pat Strosahl and his staff put on is very impressive. From Pat Metheny, to classical music, salsa dance, to us! This time it was a teaching workshop and two concerts with Jeff Johnson, Todd Strait, Mark Seals, Warren Rand and me. Along with the adult students in the workshop (really fun!) we went around to public schools to hear the students, play for and with them. This is so important and very gratifying as well. And what a band! I loved playing with these musicians!

Later that month I was asked to perform for my alma mater (University of Nebraska at Omaha) in New York at a very cool event, in a lovely, private home in the Village. I asked Gene Bertoncini to join me and he sounded great as usual.

At the end of October, we headed to Europe. The first stop was Istanbul. This was the first time I really got to see any of this amazing city. We stayed there for four days. Bill went along with us. He’s a great tour guide! I also met some new friends who took us around and hosted us at their lovely home as well. (See pics on my facebook page)

Then to Athens for sadly, only ONE night (actually, 18 hours). The venue there was very impressive. It’s almost theatre in the round. About 400-500 people were there with a very warm and enthusiastic reception. We look forward to going back soon. We also took a couple hours to see the Parthenon! Wow!

The next morning, off to Paris! The Duc des Lombards is a sweet venue in Les Halles area. We had two nights there and loved it. Then we stayed there for three more nights as tourists which was great! We went to Chartres Cathedral, Musee D’Orsay, and just walked and walked in the beautiful city of Paris.

Next were two more one-nighters. The first was in Vienna. Thanks to Wolfgang and his family for their hospitality and new friends we met while there. Then onto Rotterdam at a beautiful new venue called Lantaren Venster. We were treated like royalty and we look forward to going back. Thank you Jeanne!

When we returned to NYC, we played The Jazz Standard. Along with Bruce Barth, Ed Howard and Matt Wilson, we enjoyed our week there. It’s a cool club with great food and crowds.

Summit New Jersey has a sweet venue in the Unitarian Church there. Ed Howard, guitarist Bob Mann and I had a great time. What an audience there!

Finally, we headed to Kansas City, at Jardine’s. It’s always like going for me. I saw so many friends. Along with Rod, Gerald Spaits and Randy Weinstein we had a great couple nights. Thank you to the staff there as well. I also got to see lots of family in Minneapolis and Omaha while in the area for Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget that you still have plenty of time to purchase my albums for Christmas presents. Buy them directly fromkarrin.com.

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!! And I look forward to seeing you soon.
With Love,

Among some interesting things I heard, saw, read, or did:

– In Istanbul: an amazing museum called “RAHMI. M. KOÇ museum.”
– Musee D’Orsay and the Chartres Cathedral in Paris.
– The Parthenon in Athens.
– At the Poisson Rouge in NYC: an opera review with my friend Carole. (This was formerly the Village Gate)
– Walked the “High Line” in NYC with friends Karen, Naomi and Bill. Beautiful!
– Birdland to hear Nicholas Payton with Honolulu friends Lynne and Randy.
– Suny Purchase College: Bill McGlaughlin hosts a series there and this time it was with the Kalechstein, Laredo and Robinson Trio. Wonderful!
– Went to the lower east side’s “Tenements Museum” with friend Susan from SF. Highly recommended!