What a busy time this has been. I think the last time I wrote was in September – after the QE2 Floating Jazz Festival. Since then alot has been going on. We played the Blue Note for a week, double billed with Joey DeFrancesco which was good bill I thought. Something for everyone! ūüôā They sounded great. Danny, Bob, Todd and James Williams were grooving hard together – it’s an interesting room to play. You NEVER know who’s going to be there. Joe Pesce came in to hear Joey – they’re friends (left their cell phones off this time!) He’s a jazz fan.

Have had MANY interviews, lots of papers, radio and talked with folks from Berlin, Singapore, Japan too, along with several television ‘things’ – one for Brazil, NYC Channel #5, Alexandria cable channel, and Boston’s ‘Chowda’ show.

Played the Birchmere in Alexandria VA just outside of Washington D.C. Really liked that club – a very large music room with their own brewery and had a beautiful sound system. We had a great crowd -and that was just the night before they caught the DC Snipers… (It was quite tense -you could feel it. No more guns!!!! Enough already!! But I digress….)

Then onto Western Mass – the Iron Horse, another cool ‘music room’ where they not only feauture jazz, many different kinds of music – cool intimate and funky place. Got to watch beautiful fall colors along the way (while our new road manager, Kimberlee drove – what a great thing to have her along) Then to Zanzibar Blue in Philly and Wilmington Deleware – both beautiful clubs with great food and ambiance Loved the staff there too.

Went to LA to record a duet with Diane Shuur – that was a trip. She’s something else. I’ve enjoyed her music for years. Barry Manilow was helping produce in the studio (his tunes -very lovely!) And good to meet him. Watch for her release on the Concord site.

Back east to Worcester MA with WICN radio – my long time friends. Played in a beautiful theatre which was designed by a woman architect for women to use (Tuckerman Hall) – wonderful crowd. Then onto Scullers in Boston – wonderful pro-club! That is, too short a visit there! Great crowd there too. Onto Hollywood Florida and played with Bob Berg at that fest. – what a sound he has! … beautiful, deep and SINCERE folks!

Finally, Oshkosh, WI This was a lovely old opera house (the Grand) with great acoustics and staff – and a wake up call for winter – about 30 degrees. Also got to meet a lovely singer from that area – Janet Planet. Check her out – she’s also a good friend of one of my favorite singers on the planet (no punn intended), Nancy King. So we had a great time after. Am ‘decompressing’ now and getting ready to leave again for Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Rochester.

I’ve been asked many times lately in interviews, what ‘keeps me going’ and/or ‘inspires’ me. Well, SO MUCH of that has to do with YOU people who support us and come to the performances. We need this music more than ever right now … we need solidarity and compassion. The current political scene (not to mention our environment) is VERY worrisome to me and as Mose Allison says, ‚ÄúPeople are running around in circles – we don’t know what we’re headed for‚ÄĚ I’m afraid that’s the truth – especially now. Whatever your political beliefs are, love and compassion, not to mention positive, creative outlets are paramount. MUSIC is one of the best I know.

Thanks for listening,