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Stories From The Road

Is there ALWAYS latest news for an artist? Well, not always— sometimes its just about logistics and trying to let the creative juices flow, but right now there’s news to share!

In making this new album, the first thing is the MUSIC of course… I’m very excited to get it all out there to listeners— but meanwhile my team is working hard to get a few “exclusive singles” out to whet your appetites… and the media’s. Jazziz will present our first single “Shake It Up” exclusively. So, a big thanks go out to them, and to my team.

Also re-grouping from recent trip and shows in the beautiful Bay Area (Yoshi’s was great, as was our private event in Monterey) ….while preparing for more shows is always on my mind too— coming up soon: Philly and New York, then Chicago —

Playing the new songs has been a joy with these wonderful musicians!


» THE NEW YORK TIMES — Stephen Holden : “Sweet Core, Steely Edge”

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Allyson is Karrin — an internationally aclaimed pianist and singer with thirteen albums on the Concord Jazz label, four Grammy nominations and appearances all over the world. Allyson is noted both for the warmth and sincerity of her performing style and the breadth of her repertoire...

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